Home is where my heart is.

This summer we've made an effort to make it out to local bmx race night every week that we were in town. I've always enjoyed a good local scene, but being involved with my whole family makes it truly feel like a community of its own. 

The amount of new riders coming out week after week was so cool to see. Ridge Meadows BMX makes the local race scene so much fun, I'm glad Mabel gets to experience bmx like this.

Im sure many of the kids want to win some laps, but there are more that are just out there to ride with their friends. Many of them have never even ridden another track. 

The big races are always a treat to visit, you see all the top riders in the sport compete against each other race after race. I lived and loved that scene for a long long time, I know it well. Im so impressed with how much my local scene is growing. Everyone seems to be into it for the right reasons. I think supporting grassroots bmx is the biggest contribution a pro rider can make to give back the sport. Respect to all the riders that get out and inspire the kids in real life. 

Ride local. Build the scene. 

Tony Lyons